I was the first person hired by Barley Bus. I took a tour with Jake and had so much fun that I wanted to share that experience with other people. I love Kansas City and all it has to offer. We have fantastic food and drink scene here, and I am proud of where I live and enjoy showing people and talking about the things that make Kansas City great.


Chad AKA Chuck Norris stunt double!

I’ve lived in Kansas City for about 10 years, moving here from western Kansas and attending KU! Now the only thing that we raise is cane. You don't need the sun or rain. Just some neon lights saying some ice-cold beer.

If you know the reference, you'll have a great time. 

I have a passion for old cars and limos. I enjoy the outdoors and good ‘ole country music. 


Ben AKA New Guy (or other variations). I have lived in KC for over 8 years now; enough time to see the Royals win a World Series and the Chiefs win a Super Bowl! I love this city! I met my wife, Jessica, here. We got married last year. We have a dog named Marty that we adopted 2 years ago. I work full-time in sales and enjoyed doing Barley Bus Tours so much with friends and family that I wanted to join the team and was able to come on board as the newest member. My drinks of choice are IPA-style beers, rye whiskey and Horsefeathers.


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